Total Downlaods hits and exceeds 100

The overall number of downloads of Modern X, Modern X Mobile Intel AMD, Modern X Gaphical Minimum, and Modern X Core hit and exceeded 100 today. I thank SUSE studio and the community of people viewing my website. Maybe they’ll recognize it as a distro.


5 thoughts on “Total Downlaods hits and exceeds 100

    • I can’t really recommend any way, but I have used three different methods for created a live USB.

      1. Use Rufus to burn the image to USB.

      2. Use Unetbootin to burn the image to USB.

      3. Use 7zip or WinZip to unzip the files from the ISO to your USB.

      If you do so and your drive is no longer available in windows, this is not something that’s gone wrong. Go to Disk Management. Simply delete every partition(or just the partition that isn’t available) from “THE USB DRIVE”(Be sure you don’t do this to any other drive, and assign a drive letter

      Hope this helps.


      • Thanks for the info, I also will put my desktop environment Mini to DistroWatch and I also try to get maybe 500 downloads and 60 clones


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