Modern X, Modern X Mobile Intel AMD, and Modern X Graphical Minimum 1.3:

driver fixes, yast2


Modern X Core remains 1.1.


11 thoughts on “NEW VERSION RELEASED!!!

  1. Can you give me a 13.2 32-bit version?
    I wanna make a remake of this,I will credit you.
    I will try to do this non-copyable,and you can get it back anytime you want.
    Can you review it?
    We can work together if you want,anytime soon 🙂

    Thanks a lot,


    • Also you should make 32-bit versions of Core and Graphical Minimum,because
      theres 64-bit and there is no cmputer with 64-bit that will need that.They will instead download the normal version.


    • Thank you mikej for posting this question. The answer is yes it will work on Android through emulation (I personally prefer, Bochs X86 Emulator, but I don’t know if it works with X86_64). As far as running directly on the hardware, it is in theory possible. If your Android device is ARM then it will not run out of the box. If it is X86 then it should run well from USB on a rooted tablet, similar to Windows.

      I am not responsible for damage to any device

      Hope this helps, Modern Software.


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