Modern X’s eventual deprecation…

I regretfully say that the build service used to produce Modern X, SUSE Studio, will be shutdown on the 15th of February, 2018. Modern X is still relatively stable, but likely with the shutdown of SUSE Studio will be removed from the server downloads. Current users should not be worried if they have properly installed the system and need not a redownload of an image, but new users will not be able to download Modern X after Feb. 15. Modern X 2.0, which now must be created from scratch, will be in production, but may not use OpenSUSE as a base system. This may lead to program incompatibility between the Modern X 1 series, and the future Modern X 2.0, if, and when, it is released. In the meantime, current users are encouraged to keep their applications up to date.


Complication for Modern X 2.0

There have recently been issues in the production of Modern X 2.0. This is temporary and will be fixed eventually, but in the meantime continue using 1.3 getting the newest software updates.

Pages at SUSE Studio

Some of you may have been sent to this site by the Modern X SUSE Studio Pages. I’d like to let everybody know that the SUSE Studio pages will not be always updated. An example of this deprecated information is the codenames of Modern X. For the new codenames see “Other Information”. Most of the information here will never be updated on SUSE Studio again. Of course you can still download from there, but I strongly recommend you use this website.

Leaks from the developer!

Modern X 1.3, I find is very cliche. It isn’t much different from other popular GNOME based distributions. The next version, 2.0 will be different. It’s base will be much the same but the desktop environment I hope will be a new project I’m working on called MXLDE or Modern X Lightweight Desktop Environment. That is all I can leak for now but I plan to release betas before the actual thing. I don’t know even when I can provide the betas but I am working on it. When 2.0 stable is released, I suggest you upgrade as quickly as possible, because help will cease to be given for 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 in stages. Have a good time till then, and please remain Xusers!


post script

Also, I am working out a way for you to submit errors on the site, but in the meantime, submit all issues in the comments or in a post that is closer to your problem.

New version coming soon!!

Some of you may have driver issues such as speakers, microphones, and touchpads, but most of that will be fixed in the new update. Also PackageKit will have a GUI to make updates easier.

Modern X 1.2 will become 1.3

Modern X Mobile Intel AMD 1.2 will become 1.3

Modern X Graphical Minimum 1.1 will become 1.2

Modern X Core 1.1 will remain 1.1